Solar Fund

At the meeting held in March 2016 the following Solar Fund Expenditure was agreed:

  • £2,300 on a defibrillator to be available outside the village hall - along with tuition on first aid
  • £130 to improvements to archive cabinet so that contents are more visible
  • £2,000 for an overhaul of the village hall floor
  • £500 for village hall for trestle tables and electrical works to the new shed.

In 2015 the following expenditure was undertaken:

    • Ladies club (open to all residents) - fees for speakers  - £130 for each of last two years 15 & 16
    • Donation to Framlingham library (for Magna Carta display) - £100
    • Church repairs - £500
    • Gazebos for use for fetes and village events - £600
    • Assistance to village hall with building new storage shed - £1,100
    • Goalposts for playing field - £1,128
    • Strimmer for playing field - £670
    • Party for all residents to celebrate the centenary of the village hall £1,100.


  • If you have suggestions on how the next payment in 2017 should be spent see below:

    To all residents in Great Glemham

     When planning permission was granted for the creation of the solar park on part of Parham Airfield, the operator was required to make annual payments to the parish council for "qualifying projects".  That term includes projects or schemes that, in the reasonable opinion of the parish council would benefit the residents of the village "with particular focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy, nature conservation, community interest/facilities, education, recreation and quality of life". Such projects or schemes can be of any size.

     The third of the 25 annual payments, £5,137, will be due in 2017.  The parish council will hold a meeting around Feb/March with the aim of finding out electors' views of what the payment could be spent on.  Please do come to the meeting  or if you have ideas as to how the payments should be spent, please do let me know in good time before the meeting. 

     If you have any questions about the scheme under which the payments are to be made, please contact me.

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