A further meeting was held with Low Carbon at the Parish Council meeting on 15 September 2021 and their latest revised presentation is now available to view.  East Suffolk Council will be deliberating over their proposal on 4th October 2021.

The following is their initial contact with ourselves in this regard:

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce proposals for a new solar farm to be known as B-17 Solar Farm which is located between the town of Framlingham and the village of Wickham Market, on land in the villages of Great Glemham, Parham and Marlesford, in Suffolk, and situated within the Parishes of Parham, Great Glemham and Marlesford.  I have attached an image of the red line for the project, to enable you to locate the site.

We are submitted a screening opinion in the Council this week, and once done I will forward a copy for your information.  

The site will have a capacity of up to 49.9 megawatts (MW) of clean renewable electricity, which will be provided to the local electricity network, operated by UK Power Networks.

Due to ongoing events associated with COVID-19 we have changed the way we engage, not only with yourselves, but with the wider community too and will be launching this Monday, 30th November our public consultation via our online platform to showcase this project as well as gather feedback from the community. Our consultation will be available for 3 weeks to comment on our proposal.  We are still feeling our way through this new method of engaging and we hope you find it convenient and simple. It has been used effectively elsewhere so we hope that the experience is replicated here.

On the platform you can find out further information about our proposal as well as leave your feedback (the questions on the platform and those on the printed feedback form are the same).  Please follow the link to the B17 Solar Farm website.  

We would like to engage with the Parish and, if possible, arrange an online meeting in the form of a video meeting to introduce the project, followed by a Q&A to receive your feedback on the project. It will also offer an opportunity to learn how we are engaging with your community.  If you feel this is of interest, please let me know and we can  arrange some times and dates. 

From this Saturday the community around the development (see consultation radius map) will be receiving a letter from us to introduce the proposal.  With the letter is an information leaflet and printed feedback form.  You may notice that not all of your Parish in included in the consultation radius, however this shouldn’t stop your parishioners providing feedback, as they will be able to do this online or print a feedback form from the platform and post this back to us, using our Freepost address.

We will be placing an advert in the East Anglian Daily Times to help advertise our consultation in the community.

Beverley Rodbard-Hedderwick
Stakeholder Manager
13 Berkeley Street, London. W1J 8DU


+44 (0)7730 880 234

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