You will notice over the next few months several policies being adopted and then posted on the Parish Council pages. Please do not be alarmed! The Parish Council is NOT changing its approach, it is still very hands on and very approachable as it always has been. However, having sought advice from the Suffolk Association of Local Councils and with the added effect of the revised General Data Protection Regulations and the Transparency Code, we have an obligation to abide by the regulations which means we have to adopt various policies. Some of these may look onerous but they are all box-standard templates used my most Parish Councils, large and small, and are therefore designed for use by a wide variety of local government offices. 


Consent Form Lone Worker Policy   Complaints Procedure
General Privacy Policy Equal Opportunities Policy Dispensation Policy
Privacy Notice for staff, Councillors & Role Holders Health & Safety Policy Disciplinary Prodedure
Filming, videoing etc at Meetings Protocols for Public Participation Standing Orders
Certificate of Employers' Liability Insurance Financial Regulations Financial Risk Assessment
Document & Electronic Data Retention Policy Subject Access Request (SAR)  Statement of Internal Control
Data Protection Policy FOI Publication Scheme FOI Act 2000
Powers delegated to the Clerk / RFO Disciplinary Rules